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Market Segments
Investing in Energy Technology
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Vortex Energy - Banking on the power of the future

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The mission of Vortex Energy is to serve the financial and strategic needs of the energy technology industry.
We focus on three key activities:

Raising Capital

Vortex Energy works with energy and environmental technology companies to obtain funding from the institutional investment community.  Past and present Vortex clients represent the full range of developmental stages and industry segments, including:
  • Seed-stage equity
  • Expansion capital
  • Pre-IPO
  • Bridge rounds
  • M&A financing
  • Energy information technology
  • Onsite hydrogen generation
  • Power electronics
  • Energy storage
  • Water purification & wastewater treatment

Strategic Advisory Services

Vortex Energy performs M&A advisory work, offers valuation opinions, consults on strategic issues, identifies and introduces potential corporate partners, and provides other such services based on client needs.

Energy & Environmental Technology Industry Research

Every few months, Vortex Energy publishes "Power Currents," a high-quality research report covering industry developments, stock market performance, financial transactions, corporate partnership activity, and topical and technical issues.

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