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VOLUME 1, ISSUES 9-11   SEPT. - NOV. 2003

Blackouts on both sides of the Atlantic in August and September kept utilities scrambling. Rather than regurgitate the details of the outages, we have focused on stories that call attention to trends, technologies and projects that point to transmission network solutions. (We will publish a separate report on the North American blackout shortly) (click here to download)


VOLUME 1, ISSUES 6-8   JUN. - AUG. 2003

Perhaps foreshadowing the August blackout, news flow from May to July prominently featured the topic of transmission.Technological advances,funding awards, favorable regulatory rulings, strategic partnerships, private investment and public securities offerings are covered throughout this issue. (click here to download)


VOLUME 1, ISSUES 3-5    MAR. - MAY 2003

The most significant energy tech industry news flow in the last few months has concerned solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Budget allocations, legislative proposals, acquisitions and restructurings in renewable energy are covered in this month's GridWatch and The (De-) Construction Site. (click here to download)


VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2    FEB. 2003

During the first 30-60 days of 2003, two key themes stand out. First, there have been a number of promising initiatives in renewable energy, which we detail at several points in the Energy Techline section. And second, signs of economic recovery remain tenuous and public company earnings estimates continue to trend lower. (click here to download)


VOLUME 1, ISSUE 1   JAN. 2003

A key theme of the last few months has been control over the transmission network. The federal regulators have worked mightily to push transmission deregulation forward in the face of stiff resistance from many states. The going has been slow. Meanwhile, a KKR-led buyout of certain regional transmission assets could be an early move in a trend of financial investors putting money into the grid. (click here to download)

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