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Investing in Energy Technology
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Vortex Energy - Energy Tech in 5 Easy Segments

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The energy technology revolution has created a $75 billion annual industry, with the potential to grow to more than twice that size by 2010. Within this broad industry there are five distinct segments, each with its particular demand drivers and supply solutions.

Distributed Generation

In other words, onsite power generation. The production of power at or near the point of use. (click here for more detail)

Energy Information Technology

This includes all manner of solutions that increase the efficiency and profitability of energy and power companies, and enable the creation and delivery of new products and services. (click here for more detail)

Energy Storage

Consists batteries and flywheels, that hold energy reserves for future use. (click here for more detail)

Environmental Technologies

This includes solutions for reducing emissions and pollutants, repairing ecological damage and recycling waste. (click here for more detail)

Power Conversion

Means of changing electricity from one form to another so it is usable in a particular application. (click here for more detail)

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